Flap Ghost


Cute elf wants to become human reincarnation, but he must pass the test of 100 levels to get it, if you can help him reach a goal? Wizard needs your help in order to reach the goal, you are willing to help?

This is a simple and stress-free games, easy pass / not penalized , can play the game a long time. Fit on the bus / subway ... so easy to play, allows you to completely relieve stress.


  1. 1.Elf traveled through a brick wall to avoid a collision.

  2. 2.Eat foods wildfire can get scores.

  3. 3.Each level has three chance of life index.

  4. 4.Collision brick wall three times that fails, you must re-pass.

  5. 5.Countdown to the end to cross the border.

  6. 6.Tap version: wizards and elves just below the upward bounce; Tap the bottom left of the wizard, you can forward bounce; Tap the bottom right of the wizard, you can bounce backward.

  7. 7.Gyroscope Version: Tilt can move the Elves

Welcome to Flap Ghost

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